NTU Applies UltronSMART Agriculture Platform to Empower Forestry Research

Ultron has partnered with the School of Forestry of NTU (National Taiwan University) on micro climate monitoring as the foundation of further forestry study.

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The building of the School of Forestry of NTU ( p.c. to wikipedia )

In a hot sunny afternoon in July, a set of atmospheric sensors along with solar panels were successfully installed on the roof of the school building, starting to transmit real-time climate data to the Ultron platform, enabling further review and environment analysis.

The Foundation for Environment Analysis

This partnership is the first step for a further forestry study, says the project conductor, the associate professor Chyi-Rong Chiou. The ultimate goal is to get precise data from the environment so the research team can cross-analyze with the plants growth. This requires data accuracy, stable transmissions, and also a user-friendly monitoring platform.

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Ultron Micro-climate Weather Station on-site

The UltronSMART Agriculture Platform builds the foundation of this project. Currently the research team can monitor six real-time readings including CO2, PM2.5, PM10.

The readings will be shown on the phone application with the data analysis feature, and the accompanied cloud service enables the team to draw and export history data to proceed an overall environment analysis.

Flexible Connectivity: Supports Research Scope Expansion

Despite the sensor accuracy and useful analysis feature, the core technology of UltronSMART is connectivity, which enables users to combine different devices they need. Once the research team needs other climate information, additional sensors can also be installed and connected efficiently. The convenient setup routine and flexible combination are one of the important features that urged this partnership.

The Ultimate Goal to Unveil the Forest Growth Pattern

Once the team has collected enough data and formed a research model successfully, the model shall be transferred to other forestry study fields to provide more research materials that would help discover the growth model of forests in Taiwan.

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