“We are CES Ready:” Ultron SMART AI Gardener Unveils in CES 2021

This year @CES is all-digital and we’re honored been the first ever all-digital event!

ULTRON | WiFigarden is selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

We are a Taiwanese startup that is a leading AIoT cloud to edge solution provider. We have taken advantage of our previous success of WiFigarden (Wi-Fi Mesh SDK), presenting the new ULTRON co-creating and sharing AIoT ecosystem. In this year, we are focusing on Smart Home/ Building, Healthcare, and Agriculture.

This year, we have launched our latest application, UltronSMART AI Gardener in CES. It is a self-caring planting system controlled by AI, which is partnered with NTU College of Bioresource and Agriculture for professional gardening tips.

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“This project lets users get expert gardening advice any time and space.”
Ultron has been devoted to smart agriculture since 2019; we officially launched the Ultron AIoT Cloud-to-edge Smart Farming solution in June 2020, which is operating in 3 greenhouses and the National Taiwan University campus. UltronSMART AI Gardener is a microcosm of Smart Agriculture Solution for introducing a business solution into our daily life.

“One can harvest any herbs, fruits, or flowers with 0 effort since UltronSMART AI Gardener takes over all the labor.”
The database and analysis in the Ultron platform will grow organically through the users of UltronSMART AI Gardener, and farmers of Smart Farms that powered by ULTRON. The self-caring system of professional smart greenhouses keeps building up a huge database
ahead for users’ reference. The categories of plants in this system are limited and inflexible.

“A plant that can interact with other smart home appliances.”
Apart from Smart Agriculture, Ultron team is also devoted into the Smart Home and Healthcare. Ultron App can manage over 60+ types of home appliances (such as fans, blinds, A/C, heaters, air purifiers, etc.), which can smoothly interact with each other to fulfill home automation.

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