We Connect and Manage All Things.

No More Compromise on Connectivity

WiFigarden SDK satisfies all the needs for connectivity -- the first step for the new digital era.
We provide a powerful turnkey solution to enhance & manage Mesh WiFi without any hardware replacement.


With great connectivity, comes great responsibility

UltronKey SDK takes care of the connectivity & cybersecurity in Smart Homes/Buildings of the future. Coming with the SSO access, Cloud Management Platform, and Security Feature-ready module, UltronKey serves as a stepstone for the Internet of Things.


A seamless experience of a Smart Home is based upon the excellent WiFi Mesh solution.


Becoming the hub in the connected home of the future with UltronKey.

Becoming the hub in the connected home of the future with UltronKey.
A seamless experience of a Smart Home is based upon the excellent WiFi Mesh solution.

Living Room

  • Opening door to let in some fresh air
  • Listening to some music
  • Turning off electric fireplace
Living Room


  • Preheating the oven in 3 mins
  • Controlling window blinds
  • Range hood is auto-cleaned


  • Filling a bathtub at 37˚C
  • Switching on mirror defogger


  • Turning on the air condition
  • Syncing TV with mobile phone
  • Cleaning schedule is ON
Living Room


Reducing Technical Support and Customer Serivce Call

The average cost of each customer service call is $5-$8. The WiFigardenSDK reduces 1% service call/month by remote troubleshooting.

Upgrading Your Exsited Gateway

Unlike other retail 3-pack WiFi Mesh solution which may dispose of your existed gateway, the WiFigardenSDK can save you at least one node by upgrading the original gateway.



Your Time and Your Subscribers' Time

The average service area of ISPs is 6,457 sq mile.
It means more than one hour drive for on-site service.
Not to mention the disturbing re-arrangement to meet both you and your customers' schedules.
With Ultron CMS system, all troubleshooting can be done in your service center. No longer waste time on the Road


Editor of SmallNet Builder
Once it's up and running, you may be surprised at what this $130 kit of smarter-than-average AC1200 class extenders can do.

Tim Higgins

The system really helped us reduce OPEX and CAPEX. We are really happy with them in our office and warehouse.


Editor of COOL TOOLS
I was now able to receive a Wi-Fi signal in every location of my home, even the concrete-walled garage (although it was a bit weaker than other spots). Yay!

Keith Shaw

Novice users will love its easy-to-use mobile app and advanced users will still be able to customize their network via a comprehensive web interface, which is unavailable in existing popular systems like the Eero, Google Wifi or Luma. And likely everyone will be happy with its performance and Wi-Fi coverage.

Dong Ngo


& Managed Connectivity
in the Cloud

Ultron Cloud can visualize and manage the connectivity among all the connected devices in Smart Homes/Buildings, not only the mesh nodes but also the IoT devices.


Designed for service providers & end users

Ultron CMS can help one figure out the performance of WiFi and smart things with a clear graphics interface. For operators, Ultron CMS is the cloud platform for remote troubleshooting and technical support. For end users, Ultron CMS allows to self-manage and self-care all things.

Multi-platforms for operators and customers to manage in Smart Homes/Buildings as easy as breathing.
Control and Security
Smart and Managed
Malfunction Notification
Adaptive Roaming
Easy to Set Up
Remote Troubleshooting
Breaking the Boundary between Technology and Humanity.
We are on a mission to make WiFi easier and smarter.

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People deserve
a smarter WiFi
in a warmer house.

We are one of the leading cross chipset platform WiFi Mesh solution providers for ISPs and MSOs. 

Our mission is to offer operators the Managed WiFi Solution to keep your leading position in the market. We cherish your subscribers as much as you do. 
In the near future, we will create a machine learning and AI network assistant which can make everything smarter. 

We look forward to a new digital lifestyle that combines technology with humanity. It would be our honor to assist operators to become a part of new digital life.