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[[en]]ULTRON is a co-creating and sharing AIoT ecosystem. We take care of the connected product development for hardware manufacturers, while providing cloud-to-edge AIoT solution for system integrators in different fields.[[zh]]奧創是一個以〝利他〞為初心所打造的共創、共享 AIoT 生態系。協助各式硬體製造商將產品智慧化並加速導入量產,並提供彈性的雲到端 AIoT 解決方案供不同領域之系統整合商應用。

[[en]]Have you ever been through these?[[zh]]這些問題是否似曾相識?

[[en]]Problem in the real IOT world that you might encounter. [[zh]]真實的世界中,物聯網並沒有想像中的簡單美好。

[[en]]ULTRON can help.[[zh]]奧創助您一臂之力

[[en]]Cloud-to-edge solutions for every parties in the IoT Market.[[zh]]提供針對物聯網市場各個角色的雲到端解決方案。


[[en]]ULTRON takes it over from here. Just deploy the Ultron Module, speed up your Smart Product development.[[zh]]連網、加密、聲控都交給奧創,硬體廠商只需專注在自己的專業上即可。

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[[en]]ULTRON have empowered over 60 types of home appliance from various brands. Here you can find everything you need to build up a Smart Home.[[zh]]奧創賦能超過 60 種跨品牌家電應用,靈活打造屬於自己的智慧空間。

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[[en]]UltronWIFI [[zh]]奧創 Wi-Fi

[[en]]With its leading Mesh technology, Ultron Wifi eliminates all the dead zone in your spaces, while providing a perfect landing environment for your smart devices.[[zh]]奧創 WiFi 搭載電信等級的 Mesh 技術,同時提供完美的 IoT 落地環境,再多智慧裝置,一鍵皆可全連。

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[[en]]Cloud Manager [[zh]]雲端管理平台

[[en]]ULTRON Network Management System (UNMS) frees you from all the managing related problem and add value to your business.[[zh]]奧創管理平台 (UNMS) 為您解決 IoT 設備與網路管控問題,智慧裝置與連網問題一把罩。

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[[en]]Speed up Your IoT Product Development[[zh]]加速產品智慧化轉型

[[en]]An innovative workflow of digital transformation for hardware appliance manufacturers.[[zh]]創新式生產流程加速產品智慧化;

[[en]]Just build in "Ultron Module" in any traditional electronic appliance,
it becomes a Smart device and ready for the IoT market right away.[[zh]]只要在原有產品中放入「 奧創模組 」即可成為智慧設備進軍 IoT 市場。

[[en]]ULTRON takes care of the initial setup, connectivity, cybersecurity, and AI integration for you.[[zh]]初始設定、連線、聲控、資安、AI 整合,直接交由奧創幫您搞定!

[[en]]One Touch, All Connected.[[zh]]一鍵全連技術


  • [[en]]The smartest way to connect all things via WiFi / Bluetooth / Fix broadband / NB-IoT.[[zh]]最智慧的連線方式,支援 WiFi / Bluetooth / 固網 / NB-IoT 等多種通訊協定。
  • [[en]]Layer 4 encryption ensures the system security, encrypted with military-grade 256-bit encryption.[[zh]]軍規 TLS 加密技術,確保裝置及資訊安全。
  • [[en]]All devices connect to the original network environment in a snap.[[zh]]一鍵即可完成所有奧創賦能裝置之網絡設定。

[[en]]The Best IoT Home Appliances for both System Integrators & Consumers[[zh]]好感智慧生活新提案

[[en]]We are giving you more than you have ever wanted for a Smart Home ! You can find everything you need at Get ULTRON store, from smart outlets, touch switches, wifi routers to connected sensors.[[zh]]奧創滿足智慧生活各層面的需求,從基礎網絡佈建到各式智慧家電應用,您都可以在 Get ULTRON 商店裡找到。

[[en]]ULTRON and our partners cover all kinds of home appliances, which are well-prepared for various smart spaces.[[zh]]奧創與強大的硬體夥伴攜手,提供全方位的智慧產品,讓打造各式智慧場域變得更方便。

[[en]]More appliances and sensors are coming soon...[[zh]]更多奧創智慧家電與感應器即將上市!


[[en]]No more compromise[[zh]]零死角 Wi-Fi 全覆蓋,

[[en]]on Wi-Fi coverage.[[zh]]智慧生活不再妥協

[[en]]UltronWIFI provides the carrier-grade Mesh WiFi system, as the perfect landing environment for IoT devices while eliminating all the dead zone.[[zh]]奧創 Wi-Fi 搭載運營商等級 Mesh Wi-Fi 系統,除了提供零死角網絡環境,更是 IoT 裝置最完美的落地平台。

[[en]]UltronWIFI got you covered.[[zh]]打造未來感生活,有奧創 Wi-Fi 罩你!

[[en]]Certified by[[zh]]電信網通大廠認證

[[en]]numerous leading ISPs, MSOs, & Telecoms[[zh]]為世界領先ISPs、MSOs、電信之Mesh技術提供商

[[en]]4 Millions[[zh]]超過 400 萬家戶

[[en]]worldwide deployment of Ultron Wifi[[zh]]使用奧創 Wi-Fi 網絡系統


[[en]]The Most Powerful Network Management System[[zh]]功能強大的奧創網管系統

[[en]]Domain Knowledge Expert[[zh]]領域知識專家智庫

AI + Big Data

[[en]]Participating with knowledge experts from various fields, ULTRON turns your raw data into well-analyzed Big Data for polishing your business.[[zh]]透過奧創生態系中各領域知識專家團隊,將所蒐集之數據進一步分析,產生真正的 AI。

[[en]]Just say "Ok Google"[[zh]]一聲「Ok Google」

[[en]]Control and manage your IoT devices via your voice.[[zh]]輕鬆聲控你的家!

[[en]]ULTRON also integrated with Google Local Home SDK, which enhances the feature of all the products that powered by ULTRON. [[zh]]奧創已完成與 Google Local Home SDK 整合,讓奧創賦能產品使用者體驗零延遲的無縫智慧生活。

[[en]]Voice Control[[zh]]聲控

[[en]]manage your smart devices by Google Nest Mini & Google Assistant*.[[zh]]使用 Google Nest Mini 或 Google 助理* 控制您的家電。

[[en]] *Requires Internet Connection.[[zh]]*需要網絡連線。

[[en]]Edge Computing[[zh]]邊緣運算技術

[[en]]leads to the superb user experience by eliminating the network latency. [[zh]]給您零延遲的極致智慧生活體驗。
[[en]]works with[[zh]]支援
[[en]]No Extra Gateways Needed[[zh]]無需額外購置閘道器
[[en]]Working with Wi-Fi / 4G / 5G[[zh]]支援 Wi-Fi / 4G / 5G
[[en]]Onboarding & Reconnect[[zh]]自動連網與重連
[[en]]Support all TaiSEIA Appliances[[zh]]支援所有符合 TaiSEIA 協定之設備
[[en]]Military-grade Security[[zh]]軍規等級加密系統
[[en]]Edge Computing Enabled[[zh]]支持邊緣運算功能

[[en]]Satisfaction Guarantee[[zh]]滿意推薦

Editor of SmallNet Builder
Tim Higgins

" Once it's up and running, you may be surprised at what this $130 kit of smarter-than-average AC1200 class extenders can do. "


" The system really helped us reduce OPEX and CAPEX. We are really happy with them in our office and warehouse. "

Dong Ngo

" Novice users will love its easy-to-use mobile app and advanced users will still be able to customize their network via a comprehensive web interface, which is unavailable in existing popular systems like the Eero, Google Wifi or Luma. And likely everyone will be happy with its performance and Wi-Fi coverage. "

Editor of COOL TOOLS
Keith Shaw

" I was now able to receive a Wi-Fi signal in every location of my home, even the concrete-walled garage (although it was a bit weaker than other spots). Yay! "

Espressif CEO | Founder
Swee-Ann Teo

" This is really neat. Although the scanning QR code is now the preferred method,
this is the first solution that I have seen use this! Congrats! "

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