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WiFi Mesh

No more dead zones. WiFigarden technology turn your WiFi devices into a Mesh system. Stream video, get work done, or swipe right in any room -- not just next to your router. Ubiquitous, Always Connected. Finally, WiFi that just works.


No more locked by IC solutions.
Cross-chipset interoperability makes WiFigarden an even more powerful solution for service providers or network device companies to turn their deployed devices into WiFi Mesh system, save time, effort and money.

CAPEX Savings

No more replace, just upgrade.
Turn deployed devices into WiFi Mesh system. We know you have spent a lot on the deployed devices. With WiFigarden, just upgrade the software to turn your deployed broadband gateway into the WiFi Mesh system. Saving your CAPEX.


How do we do it?

All leading technologies in one SDK.
A comprehensive system doesn't have to be complicated, from out of box to getting online, we provide all the major technologies you need.


WiFigarden provides the API to help you create the configuration app for iOS and Android.

WiFigarden's Easy Setup API enables you to create an Easy Setup app to help your customers to configure and manage their network devices with just a click.

From DSL gateway to any WiFi enabled devices, we pre-defined configuration profiles to save your efforts.


WiFi Mesh

WiFigarden turns your WiFi into a Mesh node.

WiFi Mesh expands the home broadband network's wireless coverage range, eliminating WiFi dead spots within user's home.With WiFigarden, multiple WiFi nodes work together to create one large WiFi Mesh network and find best connection path automatically.
Wi-Fi node

Wi-Fi Node only extends your Wi-Fi coverage but not really works in a system. You still need manually to switch the connection between the APs.

Wi-Fi Mesh Node

Multiple WiFi nodes can be work together to create one large network. No matter where you are at home, you always connected to the best node and with best performance.

Unlike WiFi range extenders, boosters or repeaters, the Smart WiFigarden technology enables the devices to "talk" to one another to select the best wireless transmission path for your device from any corner of your home.

Ethernet Backhaul

Ethernet Backhaul augments the total capacity, coverage and robustness of the network, creating "Business-grade" WiFi for your home.All advanced WiFigarden features work seamlessly over Ethernet Backhaul. All end user needs to do is to plug in existing Ethernet wiring after setting up the WiFi Mesh network. Any Mesh node breakdown, just simply replace it with a new one, the system will resume to work automatically.


Once the WiFigarden Mesh system up and running. Additional nodes can be added to existing Mesh network at the touch of a button. Newly added nodes will automatically be configured with the settings of the existing Mesh network.


Configuration change on a single Mesh node will automatically sync with the existing network. For example, Wi-Fi name/password changes on a Mesh node could applied to whole network.

System Optimizing

No more worry about how to build up a perfect and high performance Wi-Fi network. With WiFigarden Self-Configuring and System Optimizing features, the latest Home WiFi Mesh system will up and run automatically, and even tuning the performance based on the placement.

System Load Balance

Unlike WiFi range extenders, boosters or repeaters, the Smart WiFigarden technology enables the devices to "talk" to one another to select the best wireless transmission path for your device from any corner of your home.

Adaptive Roaming

An patented intelligent roaming algorithm, our leading patented technology.

The Different?

Traditional Roaming

The traditional roaming method is based on RSSI and use it as a threshold. Therefore, once the STA's RSSI hits the threshold, Wi-Fi AP will disassociate the connection and wait for STA to re-scan and re-building the connection again.

Adaptive Roaming

The intelligent algorithm will have calculation among related roaming parameters which relatively based on all the WiFi Mesh nodes’ information then deliver to the system, and keep learning from the STA usage then tuning the related parameters to provide the best user experience.

Why Better?

Adaptive Roaming is leading "MACHINE LEARNING" algorithm, it keeps learning and tuning the related parameters for roaming thus to have STAs that would be able to always connected to the best signal node.

Co-existed with 802.11k/v/r

IC solutions independent

No App or driver needs


How the Program Works

Join the WiFigarden Developer Licensing Program.

Here's what you need to do:


The WiFigarden Developer Program is intended for hardware developers / Telco operators / IoT operators who wish to develop the network devices with the WiFigarden technologies. Companies, organizations, and operators are all eligible to apply.


Execute the online NDA, and submit the form. Once identity verification is complete, you will receive the WiFigarden SDK Software License Agreement for review and signature.


SDK Porting Guide & Library Apply Form

First, we will provide our SDK Porting Guide for you to study.
Then, you need to apply the Library Apply Form to start the real developing process.
We also provide you a training and coming developing online support via Skype, WeChat, Line or Zoom for the conference.


Developing & Certification

After you applied the Library Apply Form, we will create the porting package for you based on your requirement.
Then, you can start the developing process, and have our FAE online support during the developing process.


Certified & Selling

Promote your devices with WiFigarden logo. WiFigarden logo communicates to customers that the device has been designed to connect specifically to WiFigarden ecosystem, and has been certified by the developer to meet WiFigarden SDK standards.

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Order Starter Kits

We provided the WiFigarden Starter Kits to help you understand how WiFigarden works.

(Included 2 Mesh APs)