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ULTRON announced Matter-enabled IoTEmpower solution.

December 23, 2022
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Smart homes come with big expectations

According to a study from ABI Research, a well-known research institute, the global smart home market is estimated at least $317 billion USD in 2026. 

The biggest IoT solution Platform in Taiwan, ULTRON, officially announced to join the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)  to assist more smart appliances to be integrated with Matter-enabled standards. According to this, device manufacturers can offer multi-voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri) control appliances easily for better product advantages and opportunities. Matter is the smart home interoperability protocol supported by Apple, Google, Amazon and other major smart home players in the Connectivity Standards Alliance. In other words, your smart door lock  (which works with Google Home) can easily talk to your smart speaker  (maybe Apple Home Pod)  or your smart light switch  (which works with Amazon Alexa) can communicate smoothly with your thermostat (which works with Google). This results in any devices you purchase from a reputable smart home brand should simply be prepared to work together.

ULTRON Matter’s competitive advantages:

Safety, Simple, Integrated

ULTRON is aimed to resolve connectivity problems from the very early stage. No matter the connectivity of Wi-Fi Mesh or IoT, ULTRON has successfully collaborated with at least 10 major operators around the world. There are more than 30 million households using the Wi-Fi Mesh that are connected through ULTRON’s proprietary technology. ULTRON also successfully cooperated with the leading mobile operation - Taiwan Mobile and the biggest MSO - KBRO Broadband for better Wi-Fi coverage and market extension of smart homes in Taiwan.  

The core value of CSA is completely the same as ULTRON, which developing more Matter-enabled devices is also the key project plan in 2023.  ULTRON Matter has integrated Matter-compatible and ULTRON’s connectivity strength together for better setup and controlling user experience. Users may even no need to go through the setup process, the IoT devices are already connected.


ULTRON works with more than 60 home appliance brands in Taiwan, and supports at least 2,000 product categories. To realize the company value, ULTRON will keep assisting manufacturers and appliance brands to the next step.  “We are always looking for solutions that are truly needed by customers.” said Aaron Chueh, the CEO of ULTRON. 

Developing IoT devices is still not easy for many home appliance brands. It’s not only about multiple hardware specifications and Apps from many manufacturers but also how to deliver smooth smart device integration and application with the internet. Even though Matter is the new milestone to solve the IoT fragmented problems, there are still some bottlenecks throughout the smart home market extension. ULTRON will keep moving forward to carry out the core value, Connect All Things.


ULTRON is the brand of its parent company WiFigarden Inc. ULTRON is focusing on wireless connectivity solutions and integrated SaaS Platform in various field applications. In the year of 2022, ULTRON has accomplished its first wireless integration for the leading mobile operator and broadband operator in Taiwan, Taiwan Mobile and KBRO. ULTRON proved its software as service success cases in Taiwan that bring 600 thousands smart homes already. 

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