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ULTRON Empower solution enables you to quickly build your own smart categories based on carrier-grade IoT Platform,

"ULTRON Platform"

The future of market

Smart homes
come with
big expectations

Global Market Forecast:

A new study from global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research2, forecasts that by 2026, the global smart home market will reach $317 billion, up from $85billion in 2020 and up 5% over pre-COVID-19 forecasts.

ULTRON Empower is an IoT system integrated solution with comprehensive technical supports based on carrier-grade cloud service.
With a minimal amount of code, ULTRON Empower assists you to develop and deploy customized smart devices with high security.
It covers modules, device firmware, voice-assistant integrations, mobile apps and cloud customer service platform.

ULTRON Empower helps you save a large investment in cloud, gain independence and focus on innovating your core-value offering.
$317 billion
market forecast in 2026
devices per smart home in 2021
$8.4 billion
Voice-assistants in use by 2024
enabling business growth

Accelerate your IoT Business


Are you trying to build your own IoT Cloud?

Encountering challenges?
Difficulties with Talent Acquisition & Management
High Investment in R&D
Long Development Cycle
ultron empower

We offering

Accelerate Your IoT developing, we provides you with the most cost-effective and powerful modules that suit different needs for your products.
ULTRON Module:
We offer a turnkey solution that significantly simplifies connected device development and maintenance.
Device Firmware:
Product-ready firmwares for different product categories, customers can also build their own products using the ULTRON OpenLUA SDK.
Device Management Platform:
- Fleet Management
- OTA Upgrades
- Device Diagnostics
- Business Insights
Voice-Assistant Integrations:
Ready-made support for Google Assistant integration through smart home skills and actions.
Value creation

Good Business Strategies Come from Reliable Data

The Ultron ONE - Value Creation platform facilitates innovation for connected devices. You can focus on fulfilling your market needs and developing market-oriented products for better sales results, based on the precise data information.
Utilization Reporting: Make data a part of your business planning process with automated utilization reports. By understanding which functions and devices are underutilized, you can adjust your business strategy from the analysis result.
Customer Preference: Enable your team to spot potential market earlier and prevent ineffective marketing advertising. The Value Creation platform provides customer persona to communicate with your target customers better.
Ultron One Widget
Service delivery

User Experiences Improved by Instant Customer Service

The Ultron ONE - Service Delivery Platform offer effective customer service for your customer remotely. From the information of device report, you can provide customer service at once. The cost of on-site-service can be reduced obviously.
Continuous Record: The Service Delivery Platform provides clear information of internet connectivity and device usage for better after-sales services.
In-App Reply: From App to a service account, device logs are collated for you to communicate with customer effectively. The costs will reduce a lot for personnel-intensive customer service department.
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Airmate - Get the 1st smart fan launched on market in just four months.

“We felt secure while working with the Ultron team. They always find solutions for us."
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Ultron is ready for Matter

Coming soon: More compatibility, better connectivity with Matter.
ULTRON is ready for matter

ULTRON + Matter


Make Life Easier with Matter

Matter is the universal standard for smart homes. It connects and controls your Ultron-enabled and other Matter-enabled devices, so your smart home is faster to set up, and more responsive and reliable than ever.
Setup is a snap:
With Ultron's patented UltronKEY technology and new Matter's standard protocol, your phone can automatically detect Ultron-enabled and Matter devices. So setting up new devices and connecting them to your network is easier than ever.
More responsive and reliable:
Matter devices connect to each other locally over your smart home network using WiFi or Thread, making your devices more responsivek, reliable, and secure.
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ULTRON Modules

Accelerate Your IoT developing, we provides you with the most cost-effective and powerful modules that suit different product needs.
WiFi + Bluetooth 5:
ULTRON Empower offers a turnkey solution tath consists of high-quality modules. It significantly simplifies connected device development and maintenance.
Device Firmware:
Production-ready firmware for different product categories is available to all customers, who can also build their own products using the ULTRON OpenLUA SDK.
Ultron Platform Services:
- Fields Management
- OTA Upgrades
- Device Diagnostics
- Business Insights

How to works with Ultron?

What is the process of ULTRON Empower ?

ULTRON Empower enabling home appliances to create the smart product categories quickly and easier.

1. Discuss with our Account Manager on your product requirement and plan.
2. NDA Process.
3. Select the suitable Ultron Module.
4. Design-in process.

What is the difference between ULTRON and others?

ULTRON is so far the only company that provides not only ULTRON Empower solution but also the cloud management service platform. The comprehensive solution have operating with well-known Telecom companies and service providers practically.

Why choose ULTRON?

ULTRON has experiences in assisting more than 40 appliance brands to integrate IoT products. We not only care about bringing the latest technology for our customers, such as Matter. We also care how the devices can really be set up smoothly and even unwittingly.
On the other hand, we care about the safety issues that we makes each devices unique, encrypted and cannot be copied. That's why we are trust by many telecom service providers that are required to follow national standard.

What kinds of wireless connectivity do ULTRON support?

We support WiFi and BLE as our main connectivity solution, we also offer Zigbee and Thread as ULTRON Matter solutions for our customers.

Can I have my own brand's service platform?

Yes. We believe many of you are thinking having platform services for your customers that can also strengthen your product/service value.

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