ULTRON IoTEmpower: All-in-One IoTEmpower Platform enables the Worldwide leading Appliance Company - Airmate.

December 23, 2022
3 minutes

What you need to concern with developing an IoT product?

If you are looking for developing an Internet of things (IoT) product all by your own company, you may need to spend at least 2 years until the product launch to the market. These are the process that may need to consider: Hire a development team > Hardware development > Software development (App, backend, system integration...etc.) > Cloud development > Mass production & Commoditization. Due to the high technical threshold, the worldwide leading appliance manufacturer; Airmate, spent some time finding a qualified system integrator that is specialized in IoT development. Before collaborate with ULTRON, Airmate also had experienced collaborating with other system integrators. But end with unhappy result, ULTRON has got the opportunity to work with Airmate.

How ULTRON assists Airmate to develop the first smart fan within four months?

In the end of year 2019, ULTRON successfully assisted Airmate to develop their first Works with Google smart fan within 4 months. So far, there are 4 smart fan SKUs and 2 smart heater SKUs has launched to the E-commerce and Costco Wholesale store in Taiwan. By applying IoTEmpower as Airmate's smart appliance solution, the benefits are:

  • Reduce the development cost a lot.
  • Reduce the time to market.
  • Gain more synergy value with other brands or channel partners.
  • Gain clear insights of the customer structure.

Even though the IoT has become a popular subject in the smart home market. The promises of better connectivity, enhanced monitoring, and measurable efficiency improvements are hard to ignore. ULTRON has proven the capability in the field of smart application by enabling more than 1800 types of smart devices and build a smart home cloud platform for Taiwan Mobile, the second largest telecom in Taiwan.

ULTRON cares how our customers can enjoy using high quality and security in the daily life. ULTRON brings appliance OEMs and manufactures into another transformation, which customer like Airmate has brought the big data into their new business strategy.

Airmate's Heater sold in Costco.

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