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WiFigarden, in collaboration with Taiwan Mobile and KBRO, launches Smart Home Services in Taiwan, the first integrated smart home connectivity solution accessible to all.

December 23, 2022
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The largest smart home service collaboration in Taiwan.

Taiwan Mobile and KBRO successfully achieved 600 thousands smart home based households by adopting WiFigarden's Mesh Wi-Fi and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity Platforms solutions. The collaboration is aim to develop precise value-added and cost-effective services for end users.

Security and professional technology are the two main reasons to collaborate with WiFigarden.

WiFigarden always looking for the best solutions for partners that also bring competencies to expand the market.

"We considered several partner candidates, and finally choose WiFigarden because their solution can assist us be more close to our target. Their solution also fit in with telecom operator's standard, which they not only offer professional technology but care about security as well." said Chester Lin, Deputy Director of Smart Home Solution at Taiwan Mobile.

"We trusted in WiFigarden's professional technology. They always look for solutions for KBRO that we have confidence in smart home market expansion. " said Alex Hsieh, Head of Technology at KBRO.

600 thousands households are smart home ready within 8 months.

Mesh WiFi is essential in todays life, especially people have suffered from Covid19. High requirements of the internet bring smart life to the new era.

For a launch promotion of NTD$999 per month, KBRO Mesh Wi-Fi package includes fiber internet, OTT box with movies, and Mesh Wi-Fi modem with 3 mesh-enabled access points. The KBRO Mesh Wi-Fi modem and access points are integrated with WiFigarden's cross chipset mesh solution, smart home management system, and automatic IoT connectivity solution. In addition, there are more than 2,000 product SKUs that are Powered by ULTRON, can be connected automatically by KBRO's Mesh WiFi.

With KBRO's Mesh system, end users can just buy their love appliances with no difficulties to connect through KBRO's internet devices. The domestic Internet of Things market is evolving constantly, now featuring a new, advanced solution that makes integrated home management even simpler by combining connectivity and many other innovative services.

Data as new services for Telecom Operators.

Users love convenience to save their time and become more effective. As there are some rigid smart solution demands in people's daily life, such as home security, energy saving, air conditioning and more, new services for users can be more precise because data can tell what do users need. Today's messages and information are too much that the cost of acquire a new order is higher and ineffective. There are always consumables replacement in people's daily, but it seems that promotion methods on social media have gone to the limit gradually. WiFigarden is aim to bring the value of IoT as next step for Taiwan Mobile to strengthen brand loyalty with customers.

This market is constantly evolving and the arrival of energy saving issues could help to standardize and consolidate it. WiFigarden keep improving the interaction between the different IoT devices that can be integrated into the home environment with one platform. WiFigarden will continue collaborate with both Taiwan Mobile and KBRO for further optimizing people's smart home experiences.

Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile Co. (TWM) is a leading telecom operator in Taiwan, which providing mobile, fixed-line, cable TV and broadband services. As a forerunner in digital innovation, TWM is repositioning itself as a next-gen technology company that lead the next revolution in sectors of telecommunications, Internet, media & entertainment, and E-commerce (T.I.M.E.) by implementing “6C” strategies—Coverage, Convergence, Content, Channel, Cloud, and CSR. With the combined powerful features of IoT, LTE, cloud and AI set to unleash growth and new opportunities, TWM aggressively develops the related applications and builds compelling use cases, including smart city, smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart stadium, smart agriculture and smart healthcare. Taiwan Mobile is committed to offering enhanced customer experiences and improving people’s life with technology. Thus, looking ahead, TWM will further advance 5G technology and applications by leveraging thriving ecosystems, and meantime continue the healthy momentum of its subsidiary momoshop, the e-commerce giant. TWM is accelerating its business transformation while keeping its sustainability promises to help shape a brighter future. To find out more, please go to

KBRO Broadband

KBRO is the Taiwan’s leader Multiple System Operator (MSO) of TV, ultrafast broadband, Super MOD (VOD + Internet + Connect TV) and home security services. KBRO serves more than one million pay TV subscribers across 8 cities through its 12 cable system operators. As the pioneer in Taiwan’s cable industry, KBRO is committed to evolving and enhancing its customer experience through constantly innovation to allow families and individual customers enjoy the benefits of digital audiovisual entertainment services. To find out more, please go to

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